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It was back in December last year that Mohit Malik and his wife Additie Malik surprised everyone as they announced their pregnancy. Ever since then, the couple’s fans are waiting for ‘Baby Malik’ to arrive in the world. While the ‘good news’ is on it its way, Mohit Malik and Additie Malik are enticing fans with glimpses of this new pregnancy phase in the lives.

Additie is in her third trimester and their first child is going to arrive soon next month. The actress keeps sharing posts about her pregnancy and various moods. But her latest letter to her soon-to-be-born first child has won hearts on the internet. In the note, Additie has expressed her ‘deepest feelings’ for ‘Baby Malik’ amid the COVID 19 crisis. She declared how the little one will always be safeguarded by her and her hubby Mohit. The mommy-to-be also expressed that she is super excited and happy to welcome the baby in their lives soon.


“Dear Baby, you are going to be coming into this world in an unseen time….difficult, challenging, Virus-centric. But remember that we will always be there for you and will always protect you. We are eagerly awaiting your arrival as you have changed our lives in the most beautiful way! Love, Mohit and Addite,” she wrote in her heartwarming letter.

Additie Malik pens a letter to her soon-to-be-born baby with Mohit Malik:


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Meanwhile, Mohit Malik and his wife Additie Malik tied the knot back in 2010 after dating each other for several years. Now, after a decade of marital bliss, Mohit Malik and his wife Additie Malik are all set to embrace parenthood and welcome their first baby.

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