Mukesh Khanna Ekta Kapoor
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Since few days, Ekta Kapoor has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Her web show ‘XXX Uncensored’ Season 2 landed into controversy. It all started with YouTuber and ex-‘Bigg Boss 13’ contestant Hindustani Bhau who took to his Instagram handle to slam her for allegedly disrespecting the Indian Army. He even filed a police complaint against Ekta and also asked her to apologise. Apart from Bhau, there were others who felt that Ekta demeaned the army with obscenity and offensive content.

Now, Mukesh Khanna has lashed out at Ekta on his YouTube channel. He said in his video that Ekta’s web-series showed the Indian Army in a bad light. He said that from big makers to others, everyone is silent when one maker has disrespected our Indian Army and National Anthem and we can’t do anything. “We should feel ashamed of this content,” he said.


Mukesh also questioned the government and censor board as to why there are no rules or laws on this content. He also slammed the shows on OTT platforms that have no restrictions. He said, “I am with Hindustani Bhau and others who have raised their voice against such content. Who has given you permission to disrespect Indian Army?”

You can watch the full video here.

The scene for which this entire controversy started was of actors Ribbhu Mehra and Aaditi Kohli. In the episode, it is shown that in the absence of Aaditi’s husband, she invites Ribbhu, makes him wear her Army officer husband’s uniform and they have sex.

Earlier, Mukesh Khanna slammed Ekta for ruining ‘Mahabharat’ that was produced by her.

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