Nakuul Mehta opens up on embracing parenthood soon with Jankee Parekh

Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh will be embracing parenthood soon in February. The couple announced the pregnancy in November with a beautiful video. Nakuul, who celebrates his birthday today, opened up on a rather satisfying 2020. He also added that he has been reading up books on fatherhood and preparing himself for the new addition in the family with Jankee Parekh.

Nakuul, while speaking to HT said that Jankee and he did not have the kind of time they had in 2020 to spend with each other due to their individual careers. “Never before did Jankee and I have this kind of time with each other in all our years of knowing each other. I felt like the break, which happened due to pandemic firmed up our plans of now wanting to start a family. Till now, we were both busy with our careers,” he said.

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Nakuul added that during the lockdown, they thought about where do they see themselves 10 years from now. “So, in that respect, it was planned. More than anything else, it brings in a sense of peace, which is hard to describe, and Jankee hasn’t even delivered yet. It is combination of the world slowing down and also that we have created a human together.”

During their time together, Nakuul also revealed that he has been reading books on fatherhood. “I have been reading up a lot, including books on fatherhood and being an equal partner on choices in parenthood,” he said. He is garnering a lot of inspiration from books on French parenting “which says treat the child like a human being while Indian parenting is so protective of their kin that they don’t let them makes mistakes, and always gets attention from family.

The couple moved to their own house during the lockdown and are currently getting the room prepped up for the little one.

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