Nia Sharma has THIS to say when asked to describe Ravi Dubey in one word; Reveals secret of their dance video

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Nia Sharma and Ravi Dubey are undoubtedly one of the best onscreen jodis. Whenever they share the frame, fans can’t stop gushing over their chemistry. Their bond goes beyond work. Nia and Ravi share a great camaraderie offscreen and before being co-stars, they’re best of friends. A few days ago, the duo sent fans into a frenzy with their hot dance video, that went viral on social media.

Now, Nia has revealed the secret behind their ‘viral impromptu’ dance video. Not only this, but Nia Sharma also had an epic reaction when asked to describe Ravi Dubey in ‘one word.’ All this happened, during a recent AMA session conducted by the actress on her Instagram handle. With Nia doing an Ask Me Anything sesh, questions on her bond with Ravi were expected, and she answered them in her own sassy way.

When a fan asked Nia Sharma to describe Ravi Dubey in one word, she said, “One word is not enough for him. Inke upar kitaabein likhungi mein.” (I’ll write books on him). Well, this certainly shows the kind of insane bond Ravi and Nis share.

Another fan asked Nia what inspired her and Ravi to make that viral dance reel video. To which she savagely replied, “It was just a chul.” Nia’s reply has surely made us all ROFL. The fan also complemented the duo’s efforts in the clip and said, “It was so perfectly executed.”

Meanwhile, Nia and Ravi  were last seen in Jamai Raja 2.0 Season 2. They mesmerized fans with their onscreen charm as SidNi and the show was well-received by the viewers.

Here’s how Nia Sharma replied to questions about her BFF Ravi Dubey:

Nia Sharma, Ravi Dubey, Jamai Raja. Jamai Raja 2.0 Season 2 Nia Sharma, Ravi Dubey, Jamai Raja. Jamai Raja 2.0 Season 2


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