Jacqueline Fernandez to play Smita Patil’s role in ‘Arth’ remake?

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Mahesh Bhatt‘s directorial ‘Arth’ will always remain afresh in every movie buff’s memory. The sensitive film showcasing the turmoil of its lead characters will forever remain on the list of must-watch films of the Hindi cinema. Starring Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil and Khulbhushan Kharbanda, ‘Arth’ is still loved and admired by aspiring filmmakers as well.

Keeping up with the current trend of remaking old classics, very soon we will have a remake on ‘Arth’ as well. And guess what? Smita Patil’s role in the remake will be reprised by Jacqueline Fernandez. Yes, you read that right.

As per a report in Mumbai Mirror, actress-filmmaker Revathi will be helming the remake of ‘Arth’ and the makers have already approached Jacqueline Fernandez to play Smita Patil’s role in it. Revathi has already started working on the film’s script.

A source close to the development told tabloid, “The makers reached out to Jacqueline recently and she really liked both, the concept and her role. She is really excited to be a part of the remake of an iconic film like ‘Arth’ and has given her verbal consent to the part but is yet to sign on the dotted line.” 

Now for anyone who genuinely loves cinema, they would know why casting Jacqueline in the remake would make for a bad choice. No offence to anyone but firstly for the love of the God our filmmakers need to stop remaking (read ruining) old classics and secondly even if they are making it then at least do it with sincerity.

Jacqueline is beautiful and gorgeous, there’s no doubt about it but unfortunately, she has never been known for her acting skills! Then how can she be considered to reprise the iconic actress Smita Patil’s role?

I genuinely hope that the makers of this remake reconsider their choice of its lead actress. Or else they should altogether drop the idea of remaking this path-breaking film.

Do you guys think that Jacqueline is an apt choice for ‘Arth’ remake? Let us know your views.

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