Veena Malik’s anti-India tweets put Mahesh Bhatt in a spot!

Filmaker Mahesh Bhatt has been caught in the storm stirred by  Veena Malik on Twitter, due to her anti India Tweet( India Sucks). Mahesh is bearing the brunt of accusation pinning him for getting the starlet to India from Pakistan.



According to sources, a defensive Mahesh cleared the air, that he is not responsible for getting the controversial Mohammad Asif-ex Veena Malik to India. “Let me clarify this, that I have no role to play in Veena Malik’s either coming to India, or finding a name in the Entertainment space. If she has made a statement as shocking as this, it is indeed heart-breaking to the people (of India) who welcomed her with open arms.”

The truth is that Mahesh Bhatt was not the person instrumental in Veena Malik’s entry into Bollywood,  but it was PR guru Dale Bhagwagar! Tweets from the publicist finally put the record in place.“Veena Malik landed in India not because of Bhattsaab, but because of a cricket match-fixing controversy in which she unsuccessfully tried to implicate one of my then PR clients, actress Neetu Chandra. I decided to blow it out of proportion for the sake of mileage for my client in national media in India.” He went on to explain, “Veena bagged Bigg Boss purely because of that controversy. In fact, I was gracious enough to even pass on her number, which I got from the media, to some casting guys.”

Well we hope this will be helpful in clearing the matter that Mahesh Bhatt was not the one to bring the Controversy Queen to India.