Cute Nostalgia! Sonu Nigam singing during a wedding reception at the age of 11

Music is the rhythm of life which touches the right chord of human emotions. Indian Music especially Bollywood has seen many such singers who have this quality of mesmerizing you with their voice. One of them being Sonu Nigam. Not many know that this talented singer-composer had debuted in Bollywood at a tender age of nine in the year 1982 when he acted as a child artist in films like ‘Kaamchor’ and ‘Ustadi Ustad Se.’

But being inheriting the genes of singing from his father Agam Kumar Nigam, he joined his father on live shows and started singing at some events solely.

Recently, a new video went viral on the internet of this singer where at the age of 11 he is seen performing a song ‘Saathi Tere Naam’ from his movie ‘Ustadi Ustad Se’ during a wedding reception.

Being so young this talented singer still had the quality of make everyone impress with his singing. Apart from singing it’s the cute expressions of him which makes this video a must watch for all his fans.

Check out this video below: