Free, confused, or scared; Alia Bhatt emotes all of it in ‘Let’s Break Up’ from ‘Dear Zindagi’

‘Dear Zindagi’, a feel good slice-of-life movie helmed by Gauri Shinde, is winning the hearts of all and sundry. People are relating to Alia Bhatt’s character, which is sweet with a slice of lemon, and not at all the usual goody-two shoes. Alia’s Kaira is a reflection of us all, who are running in the race of life, learning to suppress our emotions, and running away from anything that claims to stable our speed.

And that is what is visible in the video of the latest song released by the makers, ‘Let’s Break Up’.

At first glance, we can see a carefree Alia dancing away to the beats of this thumping breakup number, but on closer inspection, you can see the pain and confusion in her eyes. She wants to fall in love, but is scared of the stability. She is scared and vulnerable, but afraid to show it.

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The high beats of the song make this one a good upbeat number, but this is more of a situational number, nothing great. Though everyone will love when it pops up in the movie, there are hardly going to be any takers for it otherwise. Anyway, enjoy the video for now.