EXCLUSIVE: Adhyayan Suman opens up about battling a toxic relationship; says, “There was humongous emotional turmoil, couldn’t heal myself”

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Adhyayan Suman is making waves with his role in the series Aashram. The actor has come back strong after battling a low period in his career. But, not just his career Adhyan has come out strong of a very emotional relationship. The actor opened up in an exclusive chat with us that he had to go through quite a lot to get over his breakup with his then-girlfriend. Adhyayan Suman said that his relationship with the now superstar actress had become quite the topic of discussion and Adhyayan said that there were very few people who wanted to hear what he had to say. But the actor revealed that he ‘respects that person a lot. That she came from nowhere and achieved this success in life. So I was not talking about that. I had a personal relationship and I was just giving my closure then I moved forward.’

Talking about his relationship, Adhyayan told Bollywood Bubble, “I think there is a lot that happened in that relationship emotionally. Because you are such a young impressionable mind, so for many years some things happened which were very difficult for me to get over. Why did I move forward with this? Why did I allow this? Then you are fighting constantly with yourself that if I had not done this? or if I should have stopped this? Why didn’t I listen? So you keep fighting with yourself. So of course there was a humongous emotional turmoil. But then eventually you decide that it is high time to move on in life, till when can you cry on one thing. It’s been 2-4 years, that person has also moved on in life, working hard. Jo hua so hua. My father always tells me ‘no one is good or bad, maybe you are just not meant to be with each other’. Maybe they’re just not meant for you.”

He further said that relationships in his later life haven’t been good either as he has faced multiple heartbreaks, “Then I moved on living by it. In fact, in 2015-16, the girl that I really love, the girl because of whom I picked up music, started playing the guitar, who broke my heart, as filmy as this sounds, she left the country and she left me. Uska tattoo aaj bhi meri body peh hai, I dont show it to anyone. And she left. Somewhere down the line she also healed me emotionally. I was coming from a space where I could not heal myself. A person came into my life who started to heal me. I started forgetting my past and unfortunately, things went bad and that person cheated on me and she left.”

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