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Akshay Kumar’s ‘Bellbottom’ casting director gets accused of rape; calls it ‘false and unverified allegations’

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An individual that goes by the name Ayush Tewari and his roommate were accused of rape by an actress. He was said to be casting director of Akshay Kumar‘s ‘Bellbottom’, but is it true? As Vaibhav Vishant who says is the actual casting director on the movie revealed that Ayush was just an intern infact.

The casting director of Bellbottom has categorically refuted allegations linking an individual by the name of Ayush Tewari to the film Bellbottom. Clarifying that the person accused in media reports was an intern with the organisation, casting director Vaibhav said that the accused has nothing to do with the Film Bellbottom.


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Vaibhav Vishant said, “It is distressing to see the film and the names of others associated with the film being tarnished with false and unverified allegations. I am the casting director of Bellbottom. The individual Ayush Tewari was a freelancer intern in my company and has nothing to do with the film or its casting. He has not worked on Bellbottom in any capacity. It is extremely upsetting to see that some publications in order to get a clickbait headline will go to any lengths to put out uncorroborated and unsubstantiated information. This individual Ayush Tewari has nothing to do with Bellbottom. I hope the police will conduct a fair investigation and justice will be served. However, I will request media publications to correct the facts and stop linking Bellbottom to this case.”

An actress filed a rape case against Ayush with his roommate Rakesh Sharma on November 25. The actress has reportedly worked on web series as well.


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