Alia Bhatt: It’s my biggest dream to do an action film

Alia Bhatt has mostly been a part of romantic-comedy genre of films apart from her path breaking roles in ‘Highway‘ and ‘Udta Punjab’, but here is one genre that the actress is dreaming to be a part of.

Alia apparently dreams to be a part of an action film and when asked the same, she says, “My favourite Hollywood action film is ‘Kill Bill’ which has a great story also. I would love to do a spy action thriller. It would be fun! My biggest dream in life is to do an action film because if there’s one thing that I am really bad at, is that I have no grace or poise in my body language and for an action film you need to have all of that. There are two reasons why I want to do an action film: because it’s my dream and I think it will be so amazing to see me Kick and fight somebody!”

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Alia will be seen opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Ayan Mukerji’s ‘Dragon’, which has Ranbir doing some hard-core action. When asked whether her character throws some punches in the film, Alia says, “Maybe I am also doing some action scenes in Ayan Mukerji’s film. If he is doing them, I will be too, no? It won’t be the hard-core stuff that he’s doing, but I will definitely be a part of the action atmosphere. I don’t have the right information to talk in detail about my role in ‘Dragon’ as I have not figured out my character yet. We need to get to making the film and then I can talk to you about it. But a proper action film? I don’t know… Somebody has to write one for me. There are not many action films for women in Bollywood.”

‘Dragon’ is the tentative title of the superhero film that gets Alia and Ranbir together for the first time.

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