Alia took one year to give a nod to ‘Udta Punjab’, reveals Shahid

Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt‘s ‘Udta Punjab’ proved to be one of the bravest films we had ever witnessed. Despite being mired in many controversies prior to its release, ‘Udta Punjab’ saw the light of the day and also garnered accolades from all corners. Alia and Shahid’s performance left everyone impressed and they receives a lot of awards too, for their hard work. Even at the Big Zee Entertainment Awards, Shahid and Alia took the trophy for their performance. It was there that Shahid revealed how Alia came on board this project.

Supposedly, it was Shahid who was persistent that Alia should come aboard this project. He knew that the beautiful actress was perfect for the role and hence, he slyly passed on the script of ‘Udta Punjab’ to her. He further revealed that it took almost a year for Alia to give a positive nod to this film. She was busy with her other projects due to which she could not begin the shooting for this one. Following to this, Alia then stated, “It was one of the toughest roles of my career.” (Also Read: Here’s the naughtiest thing Shahid Kapoor has ever done!)

In one of his earlier interviews, Shahid had revealed what kind of reaction he had received from the actress after reading the script. “She (Alia) read the script and called me crying as she was moved by the film. She agreed to do the film and it is very brave on her part,” he had quipped.

We are glad that the makers waited for a year so that Alia could be the part of this project. Her performance was commendable, and she went on to win numerous awards for the same. Her character was brilliant, and both Kumari Pinky and ‘Udta Punjab’ will be remembered as one of the finest pieces of Indian cinema.