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Actress Anu Aggarwal on Wednesday announced that her autobiography book “Anusual- Memoir of a Girl who Came Back from the Dead” will be out next month.

“Finally guys, Hooray! A ‘Never-say-die-story’. Bigger than a Bollywood blockbuster, my unpredictable life, will be out in stores next month. Go grab a copy of ‘Anusual’:)___*” she wrote on her official Facebook account.


A Mahesh Bhatt’s discovery, Anu debuted with “Aashiqui” and shot to fame quickly with her first release but didn’t go far with her career. In 1999, she had a near-fatal accident in Mumbai which sent her into a 29-day coma. At that point, she said goodbye to tinsel town.

“Anusual” is said to be about her life before and after near-death experience.

As per her interview in 2013, it contains a chapter titled “Excessive fame and the mother f****r” in which Anu shares some not so wonderful things that happened to her, and about stalkers, and stardom.

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