Anu Malik turns Tarzan for Ekta Kapoor

Music Director singer Anu Malik  has turned Tarzan for Ekta Kapoor. Ekta’s new movie, a light hearted comedy ‘Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi’ has a special Tarzan number. The song stars Sidharth Gupta, Simran Kaur Mundi, Sidharth Gupta and Ashish Juneja in Tarzan-Jane attires.


According to sources,  this Tarzan number is sung by Anu Malik, while his daughter Anmol will be singing Jane’s part in the song. Apparently Anu Malik also has a cameo in this number.

Kuku Mathur played by Siddharth Gupta is an absolute loser and he is constantly reminded of it by his friends and family. He is slapped around and never taken seriously until he finally opens ‘Kuku’s Kwalti Khana’, a small restaurant.

Check out the trailer below: