Superstar Hrithik Roshan and Mexican tele-novella star Barbara Mori starrer ‘Kites’ did not do so well at the box office as it was expected. Director Anurag Basu recently opened up about the reason why ‘Kites’ performed poorly and he revealed that it was because of the creative differences between him and Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan.


In an interview with Mid-Day, Anurag said, “Take a film like Gangster. I wanted to shoot in Korea. I asked my producer [Mukesh Bhatt] if I could. He’d be like, ‘Here’s R3 crore – finish the film within it. Now I don’t care if you go to Honolulu, or anywhere else.’ So, I knew my budget; production was in my hands. That’s what I was used to.”

Talking about Kites Basu said, “With Kites, it wasn’t like that. I was just going there and directing. And we would discuss how we are going to execute [the scenes]. I was not thinking of market, returns… It started out as a small, indie [film]. It was taking its shape, with four or five people making decisions. Also my vision and [producer] Rakeshji’s [Roshan] were separate. Eventually, yeh naa idhar ka raha, naa udhar ka [it belonged to neither an international nor a local audience].”

Meanwhile, on the work front Hrithik is rumoured to be starring alongside Saif Ali Khan in the Hindi remake of ‘Vikram Vedha’.

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