Calm down people, Sunil Grover’s Instagram post might mean nothing against Kapil Sharma!

The Sunil Grover vs Kapil Sharma row was looking almost endless. With rumours and counter rumours, allegations and counter allegations, we had no clue as to where it was headed.

Finally, things settled down a bit as Kapil found a replacement of Sunil aka Dr. Mashoor Gulati in his show and the latter decided to come up with his own show. But! To keep the tingle alive, a part of popular media is now after Sunil’s latest Instagram post.

Two days back, we came across the actor-comedian’s photo on Instagram wherein he shows off his shoes. He captioned it as “Shoe Size US 10”. (Also Read: Sunil Grover all set to team with Sunny Leone)

Before you assume this is an indirect dig at Kapil, please take your time. At all past instances, he has been enough straightforward. For those uninitiated, Sunil Grover does not belong to the league that eats rumours and remains silent.

The last time after being assaulted by a drunk Kapil, he took to Twitter and wrote a long message, expressing his disapproval of Kapil’s behaviour. Ironically, While we fanatically tried to find out what happened, Kapil calmly dismissed anything had happened at all.

Thus, Sunil surely knows words are better weapons than pictures (that too of shoes)!

No offence though!