Darshan Kumar on director Omung Kumar on the sets

Actor Darshan Kumar says that his ‘Mary Kom’ and ‘Sarbjit’ director Omung Kumar’s voice is never heard on the sets as he usually gives suggestions by whispering into the actor’s ear.

“Working with Omung sir is always fun because he is a very good person, very humble and you won’t hear his voice during shooting. He is very clear about everything beforehand. He himself is an actor and he has done many theatre shows. So he knows what he wants from his actors; that’s the best point and that is good for us as well.

“During the shoot when he is watching us he knows what we are thinking while performing. He gives little tips; he’ll come near you and say something in your ear. And then you feel, ‘Wow! I didn’t think about it while doing it’. That’s the beauty of him. As an actor you feel it, when you work in a good atmosphere, you enjoy it,” Darshan said in an interview ahead of the forthcoming ‘Sarbjit’.


Darshan is only one from the main cast of ‘Mary Kom’ to have been retained in ‘Sarbjit’. About the difference he saw in Omung from ‘Mary Kom’ to ‘Sarbjit’, he said: “When you win a National Award, that confidence obviously come with it. I saw that confidence right from his first film, but this time he was a bit more sure about what he wanted and did not want.”

‘Mary Kom’ had won a National Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment

Darshan had played boxer Mary Kom’s husband in the film on her and plays Awais Sheikh in ‘Sarbjit’, a lawyer who tries to release convicted prisoner Sarabjit Singh.

About playing real characters, he said: “When you’re doing a biopic, it is always a double-edged sword. There is a real character in front of you and when you play that audiences can easily Google it or check it from somewhere else, so you have to try to go as close as possible to the character, which is very tough.”

Darshan also played a negative role in Anushka Sharma-starrer ‘NH10’.

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