Deepika Padukone WON’T invite THIS actress to her wedding. Deets inside!

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We all know about the ugly past that the ‘Padmaavat’ actress Deepika Padukone faced with regards to her love life. While now all seems well between Deepika and her ex Ranbir Kapoor. But seems like Deepika still holds grudges with Katrina Kaif and does not adore her. Yeah, you read that right.

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Coming to the main scoop, it so happened that Deepika was a part of Neha Dhupia‘s much talked show BFFs with Vogue, and during the ‘Say It Or Strip It’ segment, Deepika was quizzed by Neha that if she desires to invite Katrina to her wedding, and much to our surprise Deepika without mincing any words replied with a straight ‘No’. (Also Read:After scoring a hattrick with Deepika, Ranveer is hoping to work with her again!)

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Well, well, Deepika’s this response can be considered as one of the most honest and blunt answers. And as if you’ll remember and gossip insists that Ranbir broke up with Deepika just because of Katrina Kaif. Now, we get the point!

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And the war does not end there as if you recall the scenario when Katrina Kaif debuted on social media, where she followed quite a bunch of celebrities, but Deepika was not one of them.

So yes, it is literally like a cat fight sight between Katrina and Deepika.

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