EXCLUSIVE: Vidya Balan on battling patriarchy: We are as much of the victims as we are perpetrators of this patriarchal mindset

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In a world full of Khans and Kapoors always be a Vidya Balan. Well, I am not exaggerating. If you have followed the actress’ career graph and bold choices, you will agree with me. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Vidya opened up about how she battled sexism and patriarchy in her career.

In a candid chat with Vidya, we asked her how much sexism and patriarchal set-up she battled in her life. “When we talk about this, we have to look at it from various perspective. Of course from a point of view that I am a woman, but also from a point of view that I don’t come with the baggage of belonging to a known film family. Or I didn’t have any godfather. So that is multi-layered. You can’t look at it uni-dimensionally,” the national award-winning actress answered.

Elaborating her point, the Paa actress added, “All of us had to deal with patriarchy in fact we continue dealing with it in a lot of ways. But I think the beauty is that some of us are brave enough to brazenly shut our naysayers up. The others do it by ignoring the naysayers and most importantly, they are all doers. Whether we call out the sexism, whether we call out the misogyny, irrespective of that we are all still taking Baby steps to move forward in life To do what we want to do. And that’s how Vidya Vincent (her character in Sherni) is also, she belongs to the second category who doesn’t call it out.

You can check out our entire conversation with Vidya Balan below:

“Having said that, I have to also say that when we talk about sexism, misogyny, and patriarchy, it’s not something that men are imposing on us. It’s conditioning, we all have been brought up like that. There’s a deep condition to believe that the man has to protect, the man has to be in charge. And the woman has to be cared for, protected, she is weak. These things percolate in the various areas of our life, this belief system. And it is not about what men are doing to women. We are as much of the victims as we are perpetrators of this patriarchal mindset,” she signed off.

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