Hema Malini: Spoiling grandchildren is my guilty pleasure

Image Source - Instagram

The year 2019 has started on a happy note for the Deol-Takhtani family as Esha Deol is set to welcome her second child. With this, actor-turned-politician Hema Malini will become a grandmother all over again. The veteran actress dotes on her grandchildren and likes to spoil them occasionally. Between all her work assignments, the actress-turned-MP manages some time to play with her grandchildren.

In an interview with DNA, the senior actor confessed that it’s Radhya who welcomes the mornings with her. She said, “Subah subah aate hain… The little girl comes and plays with me. Lipstick nikaal nikaal ke mere haathon mein lagati hai, she wants to even put it on my face. When I’m doing my make-up in the morning, she must sit on my lap. She also wants my purse. It is because of her that I’m carrying a small one. I also remind myself to keep the purse super-light.’’

Speaking of her younger daughter Ahana Deol’s son Darien, Hema shared, “He won’t touch anything from my make-up kit. Nor is he drawn to my hand-bag. He is fully into my mobile phone. He looks for it, takes it and runs off. He wants to see cartoons on it because his mother doesn’t let him use her phone. He comes and says very sweetly, “Nani nani, give me the silver phone, no.’’

Hema also admitted that spoiling her grandchildren is her guilty pleasure.

Recently, Esha Deol announced her pregnancy on Instagram with a cute picture of her daughter Radhya with the quote ‘I am being promoted to big sister’.

So now Hema will be having one more grandchild to play with.

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