Here’s what Arjun Rampal says about pushing the photographers at Justin Bieber’s concert

Wednesday saw our Bollywood celebs flocking towards the Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber’s concert in Navi Mumbai along with several other fans. Among them, actor Arjun Rampal had made his way at the DY Patil stadium along with his two daughters. Next day there were reports suggesting that the actor had stormed out, pushed the photographers and left from the concert. Reason being the photographers coming too close to his daughters with an intention to click their pictures.

Turns out none of this was true. Putting an end to all the rumours, Arjun has claimed that all of it is false news. He took to Twitter this morning to share this with everyone writing, “Just read now,photographers at the Bieber concert were unruly with my daughters.Utter nonsense.They infact helped us get thru. #fakenews.” [sic] (Also Check: Bollywood stars start pouring in for Justin Bieber’s concert; It’s a dashing ‘Company’)

Have a look at Arjun Rampal‘s tweet here:


Well, this is not the first time that Arjun Rampal has to come out and give a clarification on a rumour like this.

It was just in the last month of April that there were reports of the actor had assaulting a cameraman in Delhi where the latter faced an injury on his forehead. Later, he took to tweeted clarifying, “Woke up to be flooded by messages of assaulting a fan? Where do people make this news up from? Not assaulted anyone.” [sic]

Well, we are wondering how Arjun Rampal is a constant favourite of gossip mongers!