Here’s what Sidharth Malhotra would love to promote in India

Sidharth Malhotra is a sports enthusiast and we recently learn is that the actor would love to promote outdoor sports in India!
While we have been spotting the actor play various outdoor sport in free time, Sidharth is very keen to take it to the next level and promote the games at a larger level. 
Sidharth enjoys playing all kind of outdoor sports and adventure sports, however the actor has developed a growing liking towards it as he hails from Delhi. 
The capital that provides open spaces allows practice of several outdoor sports.
In fact, the actor has gone ahead and is endorsing a park as a part of his love to
Promote these kinds of sports in India too. Not only this, Sidharth recently even was in news for turning brand ambassador of NZ which was another way of the actor promoting sports!
The actor even wished the team New Zealand’s national rugby team All Black and PM John Key who bagged the World Cup! Sidharth himself is a rugby player and use to play for his college team back in Delhi! 
Sidharth shared, “Engaging in any kind of an outdoor sport has a set of additional benefits for the body and mind. Personally, I like working out in open spaces as compared to the four walls of a gym and I would love to encourage the youth to do that too. It’s great to see more and more people, especially the kids exploring outdoor activities.”