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Aamir Khan Replaces Akshay Kumar In ‘Mogul’ On One Condition?

Aamir Khan has finally agreed to star in T series honcho Bhushan Kumar produced film ‘Mogul’ but on one condition. What is the condition? Read on to know.

Early reports had confirmed the news of Akshay Kumar walking out of ‘Mogul’, a film based on the life of music baron and musician Gulshan Kumar. Later, the makers of the film had approached Aamir Khan to play the role in the biopic.

Now, the recent update on the film states that Aamir Khan has agreed to do the film but on one condition. According to a little birdie, Aamir Khan has been very clear and straightforward to writer-director Subhash Kapoor regarding the plot of the film. The actor does not want the film to focus on the underworld which was the ultimate reason for Gulshan Kumar’s death, in fact, he wants the audience to know the real journey of the great musician.

A source close to a leading daily said that Aamir actually wants ‘Mogul’ to be an underdog story and throw light and complete focus on Gulshan’s journey from being a fruit juice vendor to the owner of the biggest music company in the country.

Well, now let’s wait and watch if director Subhash Kapoor’s agrees to Aamir’s demands. Stay tuned to us for more updates on the same.


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