Iulia Vantur spills the beans over her impending marriage with Salman Khan

Image Source - dailypost.in

From the time she has stepped into the city of Mumbai, tongues have been wagging that Iulia Vantur is going to be Salman Khan‘s future wife. The rumours of the two dating have always kept the gossip mills bustling and by further witnessing Iulia’s proximity the Khan-daan, one can surely say that something is brewing between the two. (Also Read: Iulia Vantur’s closeness with Salman Khan’s mother is only growing. We’ve PROOF!)

But what about marriage? If everything is so cool between the two, then why does Salman not want to give up on his bachelorhood? Well, in a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, Iulia has clarified that Salman is just a good friend and there is no truth behind their marriage story.

She has been quoted saying, “I’m aware of the gossip. Most of it is not true. But I cannot stop people from spinning stories. I have a lot of respect for Salman. At the same time, I have no idea where life is taking me. Three years ago, I was all about being responsible and making plans, but not everything turns out the way we expect them to. Not everything is our will. What happens was meant to happen.”

When asked about her big dreams in Bollywood, she said, “I had never planned to come to India to work. There was no ambition, no fool-proof plan. Salman (Khan) is a good friend and he guided me, encouraging me to sing. I never thought that I would be able to sing in Hindi but he supported me. I started singing because of him. I had no plans to be a part of Bollywood but I also like surprises at the same time.”

Okay then!