‘Jack & Dil’ mid-ticket review: The first half is as bad as Arbaaz Khan’s acting career

Image Source - Twitter

Directed By: Sachin P. Karande
Produced By: Balcony Films and Entertainment
Cast: Amit Sadh, Arbaaz khan, Sonal Chauhan, Evelyn Sharma

The first half of ‘Jack & Dil’ has as many good jokes as Arbaaz Khan has expressions on his face. Which means that it has no good jokes at all. What adds to the sense of disarray that you feel while watching the movie is the horrible background score.

Definitely, after this movie, the actor should just consider another career option. Coming to the plot, Jack (Amit Sadh) is obsessed about reading detective novels, watching detective films and writing a detective novel. He is employed by Waliaji (Arbaaz Khan) to spy on his wife Shilpa (Sonal Chauhan).

Like a buffoon, Amit Sadh brings in his half-baked detective skills and tries to follow Shilpa. You’ll have to watch the movie (why should we suffer Alone) to find out what happens next. As far as performances are concerned, Amit Sadh and Arbaaz Khan are so bad, they make Sonal Chauhan look like a National Award’s contender.

We are definitely not looking forward to the second half.

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