Kareena Kapoor's Touch me Not Phase.

The first movie that Kareena kapoor has started shooting for after marriage is Prakash jhas ‘SATYAGRAHA’ where she plays a career oriented investigative journalist in a long standing relationship with a political activist Ajay Devgn.

It can be a coincidence but post marriage in her first film Kareena will not indulge in any display of affection with her co star.



According to our sources, “There is none of the conventional filmi romance between them either. Kareena and Ajay play a mature couple who don’t demonstrate their mutual love to one another or to the world at large. In any case Prakash Jha’s films are never high on love scenes. He likes to keep the intimacy implicit rather than demonstrative, so there are no intimate scenes between them at all.”

Well , Only Its Release will Decide whether its a Co-Incidence or Something g Else 😉