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KRK speaks in favour of Salman Khan on MNS Ban, and makes a lot of sense

Kamaal R Khan, the self-proclaimed critic seldom makes sense, but when he does, he forces you to think. This time, with the MNS row burning up both India and Pakistan, with Entertainment industry bearing the brunt of it all, KRK came to the rescue of superstar Salman Khan, who spoke in favour of Pakistani actors, saying that this won’t be the solution for what is happening between the two nations.

For those of you who do not know, Salman Khan, on being asked if MNS’s demand for ban on Pakistani artists like Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan is justified, said “They are two different things. Actors and terrorist are different. They come and work here when our government gives them visa. They get work permit from our government.” The statement did not go well with many, who bashed the star left, right, and centre for siding with the artists from across the border.

KRK expressed his displeasure on people’s reaction in a series of tweets. Here they are.







Well, this surely makes one wonder as to what is the actual picture; the one that has been painted by media and politicians, or the one that is actually happening. Only time will tell.

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