Lata Mangeshkar finally responds to Tanmay Bhat’s video, and nails it!

Comedian Tanmay Bhat’s Snapchat story on Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar has invited controversies from all across. While some say humour should be treated as humour and is not supposed to be taken seriously, there are people who are severely offended with the content of the video and are even planning to take legal actions against the comedian. Meanwhile, melody Queen Lata Mangeshkar herself opened up about the issue.

Contrary to what you’re thinking, the singer was extremely calm. “I have not seen the video, neither do I have any inclination to do so. I will not comment about it”, she said. Whatsoever, sources close to her revealed to Business Of Cinema that she is extremely upset with Tanmay’s video.

But hey, wait. That’s not all. Want to know the last bit of her statement? “By the way, I don’t know who is Tanmay Bhat”, she said.

LOL.. that’s pretty much a burn for the well-known stand-up artist!