‘Mission Mangal’ director Jagan Shakti: Akshay Kumar brought me back to a walkable situation after surgery

Image Source - Instagram

Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Mission Mangal’ was a huge hit at the box office and director Jagan Shakti was widely praised for his work. Unfortunately, Jagan had fallen ill on 25 January and had been rushed to the hospital for immediate medication. Thankfully he is out of the hospital now and doing fine.

The director recently opened up about Akshay’s role in his life and recovery.

Jagan Shakti was ready to head to an airport when he faced a sudden loss of consciousness, which was later diagnosed to have been caused by a condition called arteriovenous malformation (AVM). He spent two weeks in a Mumbai hospital and now he is back to being his former self.

Jagan spoke about his condition saying it all happened because the arteries and veins were joined together in his brain, forming a clot. The filmmaker told Hindustan Times, “Every year in the winter, I used to get headaches which would remain for around one week or 10 days, and then go away… Now everything is fine.

Speaking about his recovery, he said, “I’m good. Just coming back to the grind, and back to business. I’ll come back and show more good cinema. I am relaxing, but writing. That is the better way of doing things.”

Giving special credit to Akshay Kumar, Jagan added, “Akshay sir is the one who brought me back… in giving me a life, giving me a film, and now he has brought me back to a walkable situation.

Jagan has worked with Akshay in films like ‘Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty’ (2014), ‘Pad Man’ (2018), and ‘Mission Mangal’.

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