Mumtaz on death hoax: Is it some kind of a joke? I am hale and hearty

Image Source - Instagram

After reports of veteran actress Mumtaz‘s death on social media, the actress has dismissed the reports of her death hoax. While talking to Bombay Times from London, she said, “Oh! I am hale and hearty. Main abhi zinda hoon. I am glad someone called to check officially.”

Last year too, there were reports of her death. On this, she said, “I don’t know why someone is deliberately doing this. Is it some kind of a joke? Last year, it shook my family and everyone called in, worried sick. My near and dear ones were in different parts of the world and it traumatised all of them. In a way, it also troubled me a lot. This year, my daughters, grandkids, sons-in-law and my husband are all here with me in London. The lockdown has kept us all at home, together, and safe. Of course, I have more relatives around the world who got worried reading what made the rounds last night. Mujhe kyun maarna chahte hain log? Jab waqt aayega to main khud hi chali jaaongi.”

She said that when he will die, her family will make an official announcement and it won’t be a secret. “Death is as real as life and everyone will face it some day. But I can’t get my head around these death hoaxes that make the rounds once or twice in the year about a few of us. My nephew Shaad Randhawa is right there in Mumbai. The least anyone can do is ask him or my sister about me. People just spread the word without checking, and in turn, everyone hits the panic button. In times like these, when the world is fighting a pandemic, I wonder who thought of this insensitive hoax to get a few eyeballs,” said Mumtaz.

She also said that she is not even stepping out of her house and her children are taking such good care of her.

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