Neha Dhupia meets with an accident but is shocked with fans’ reaction!

This tale indeed is depressing. Apparently Neha Dhupia was in Chandigarh recently to promote her talk show #NoFilterNeha and that’s where her car met with an accident. Due to a brake failure, her car rammed into another car. Thankfully, nothing happened to the actress or her team, but she had to wait for an hour or so for the next car to arrive. Meanwhile, onlookers out there started demanding for selfies and autographs, instead of helping the actress overcome the effect of the accident.

As per reports, Neha has a slight pain in the shoulder due to this accident but she is more into trauma because of the fans’ behaviour. If someone is in need and has suffered an accident, how can one ask for selfies instead of coming to help? Neha was apparently rushing to the airport to catch a flight when this incident occurred. But all is well and the actress is in the pink of her health.

Talking about #NoFilterNeha, it is an audio talk show wherein Bollywood celebrities indulge in a fun conversation with the actress. A lot of revelations come out of this conversation and it is always a delight to catch our favourite stars at their candid best. She is currently hosting the second season of this talk show. So far, the episodes featuring stars like Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh and Imtiaz Ali have been released and let’s us tell you that these three episodes have brought out the most amazing secrets of the tinsel town residents. (Also Check: Must Watch! Neha Dhupia is the ultimate cheerleader for women’s freedom in this video)