On Divya Bharti’s birth anniversary, recounting the time the actress brushed aside comparisons with Sridevi

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Every year, on this date, February 25, the heart is full of the void as we remember the beautiful Divya Bharti on her birth anniversary. Divya Bharti was perhaps the only actress to have seen the kind of success in a short span. From being a well-known face in the South Indian film industry to coming and conquering the Hindi film industry, Divya Bharti saw it all. She delivered hits after hits giving us many of her chartbuster songs, we dance to even today. Her popularity was easily compared to that with Late Sridevi, who was said to be the only female superstar during the era. The actress passed away young. On the birth anniversary of Divya Bharti, we recount the times the actress brushed aside any comparisons being made with late superstar Sridevi.

Divya Bharti was known for being one of the most honest actresses. Be it her talking about pimples or speaking about alleged rivalries in the industry, the actress bared her heart out during the conversation. One can remember during an interview in the 90s when she was compared to Sridevi, Divya had said, “I was thrilled. I said ‘Wow! What a compliment to look so beautiful and good! She is tall and good-looking. During their meeting for the first time, they did not have any conversation but only exchanged smiles.” Divya had also admitted that she had met Sridevi once but found her to be too good.

Divya had once also opened up on not washing her hands for 10 days after exchanging a handshake with Amitabh Bachchan. Divya had also shared that she had opted for films because she wanted to escape studies. The reigning Queen back then also made news over her relationship with Sajid Nadiadwala.

Here’s remembering Divya Bharti today!

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