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Parineeti Chopra is undoubtedly smashing like never before with three back-to-back releases this year. With Saina, the actress has been garnering a lot of praises and in a candid chat, Parineeti opened up on battling perceptions about her, her low phase, not being able to do the kind of films she wanted, battling fat-shaming and working on her fitness. She also opened up on her transformation and how her mother influenced her early years. Parineeti also opened up on Saina Nehwal’s support and how excited she is to come together with Ranbir Kapoor in Animal.

About the difficult phase in her life and battling body image issues, Parineeti Chopra told Bollywood Bubble, “I was battling three different challenges at that point but I am a very objective person. I am really practical as a person. I just analyse if the feedback that is coming is something that even I see or it is bizarre. So all three things that were coming in, that is people were not happy with the films I was doing or the way I was looking, I agreed with those things. I was also not happy with some of the films I did or the way I was looking but the only difference is whatever changes you want to make or mistakes you want to correct, you have to do it in front of the public.”


Parineeti Chopra continued, “You don’t get the luxury like most people to hide in their houses and work on themselves and come back. People are quick to judge as well. I knew that I had to ride out that storm and show the results. For me, that period was not difficult because I knew I had to take my time. It is like when you join a gym for some time people will say you are not looking best.” About how did she deal with body shaming, Parineeti shared, “I agreed with them because I wasn’t doing my best for my fitness. I think I would have got hurt if I was doing everything I could for my fitness and yet people didn’t like me but I agreed with them. Because I got to work and took a break and worked on my health, I knew when I show myself, fitter, people will forget everything else. Somehow I was aware that it would happen if I do my job well.”

She concluded, “Fat shaming is ridiculous. At the same time, I feel one should strive to be their fittest. They should not strive to be skinniest but their fittest best.”

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