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Producers Guild of India and Nordic Film Commissions sign agreement to enhance mutual benefit

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The Producers Guild of India led by Siddharth Roy Kapoor on Thursday signed an agreement with Nordic Film Commissions to enhance their relationship for the mutual benefit of the film production industries between India and Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

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The objective of the agreement is to work together to share ideas and best practices on domestic and international film production, shooting and promotion. And now, the two organisations see this co-operative agreement as one which can further all countries’ understanding of their film production markets and increases cultural understanding for mutual benefit.

Post the agreement, the Producers Guild of India released a statement regarding the same.“We wish to enhance our relationship with India and look forward to work with Producers Guild of India to facilitate further opportunities for dialogue and the creation of ideas, sharing of ideas and best practices for a forward-thinking film production business,” said the President of the Nordic Film Commissions Truls Kontny in the statement.

Mikael Svensson, Vice President of Nordic Film Commissions, said, “This is likely to lead to more common content development and co-productions of TV series and film projects between India and the Nordic countries.”

In the meantime, Siddharth Roy Kapur, President of the Producers Guild of India, said, “The agreement will help to explore new and innovative opportunities to further progress the relationship between the film production industries in India and Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.”

Interestingly, this comes days after Producers Guild of India and Producers Guild of America signed a MoU to formalize their long-standing association and to commit to building a strong collaborative system of mutual exchange, assistance and co-operation between the film, television and new media sectors of India and United States Of America.

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