EXCLUSIVE: Rakhi Sawant opens up on social judgment post her plastic surgery: People shamed me for being honest

Image Source - Instagram

Rakhi Sawant is currently grabbing the headlines for her video song Dream Mein Entry which has already gone viral. She appeared in Bigg Boss 14 and became a household name with her stint in the reality show. Also, the TRP of the show skyrocketed post Rakhi’s entry.

In a special interview, Rakhi has spoken about the lesser-known side of her life – her struggles, facing criticism, battling extreme poverty to running away from home, from being judged by everyone around, and facing judgments after honestly admitting to have taken to plastic surgery and body enhancement methods.

Earlier, on the chat show, Koffee With Karan, Rakhi revealed that she had undergone plastic surgery. In fact, she has been always upfront about her plastic surgeries for which she faced a lot of flak from people. Some even labeled her as “plastic”.

Rakhi blasted and said she has been shamed by people for being honest. She said, “Sach bolna toh mere liye gunah ho gaya life main. I said the truth and from that day onwards people have called me plastic. I am not plastic or tissue paper guys. Don’t call me that. You don’t know my problem. At a very young age, I took the decision to put artificial things on my body. I felt the pain, they didn’t. I had done implants and I don’t want to repeat that again”.

She added that from housewives to celebs to beauty pageants, lots of women do plastic surgeries, but why people only blame or target her. “You don’t know about my journey. I didn’t want to lose in life,” said Rakhi.

When asked if she has reached the goal for herself, to which Rakhi said, “I haven’t achieved what I have to. I want to work more in good web series, films. But I happy with what I have right now. Day by day I want to improve myself, and I am learning and growing and also getting good work.”

You can watch the full interview of Rakhi Sawant here.