‘Rangoon’ makers to deposit Rs 2 crore in Bombay High Court over copyright infringement case

After receiving thumbs up from celebs and critics alike, Saif Ali Khan, Kangana Ranaut and Shahid Kapoor-starrer ‘Rangoon’ has made it to the theatres today, for the audience to give its verdict. Looking at the controversy the film got embroiled in, the release of the film seemed dicey. Thanks to the Bombay High Court, film has managed to get a smooth release, but they have had to pay a heavy price for it.

Roy Wadia and company had dragged ‘Rangoon’ to court citing some copyright issue. They stated that Kangana Ranaut‘s character of ‘Miss Julia’ in the film is exactly the replica of ‘Fearless Nadia’ from the film ‘Hunterwali’ that had released in 1935. Both Miss Julia and Fearless Nadia essayed the role of that strong woman who is an actress and carries out stunts on her own.

Hence, blaming Vishal Bhardwaj and team ‘Rangoon’ of picking up the character of Fearless Nadia for their film. Roy’s counsels had recently stated 19 similarities between the two characters while keeping their argument in court.

Now, an update on this states that the Bombay High Court has asked ‘Rangoon’ makers to deposit Rs 2 crore in the court till the time the case is resolved.

In their defence, Bhardwaj’s counsel has stated, “Character copyright is not sustainable as per Indian Copyright Right Law. So if we consider Fearless Nadia as a character, it can’t be a fit case under copyright law anyway.”

Well, let’s see what happens further. (ALSO READ: ‘Rangoon’ movie review: A moving exploration with brilliant performances)