Rape case against Ankit Tiwari to be reopened by the victim after withdrawing the complaint

It was just last week that singer Ankit Tiwari was acquitted of the rape charges filed against him after the complainant withdrew the case. Now, the victim has decided to reopen the case. The case had been going on since 2014, when the lady registered a rape case against the singer for raping her on various occasions with a false promise of marrying her. But, after 3 long years, the singer was acquitted of all the charges. However, the complainant has now decided to reopen the case and file a petition again. (Also Read: Singer Ankit Tiwari acquitted of rape charges)

Speaking about the same, the lady said that she took this decision as she was upset over the way Ankit and his family gave statements against her after his acquittal. According to a report in a leading daily, “I decided to withdraw the case after fighting for almost a year, as Ankit and his family pleaded saying that it was affecting his career. My family and husband (she got married in 2015) were pressured by them and their lawyer, Neeraj Gupta. I agreed and in return, asked them to apologise to my parents, who were insulted by them. I also got it in writing that they would never give a statement — direct or indirect — against me or on the case once they were acquitted, failing which I would be free to initiate any legal action I deem fit.”

She further stated that the fact that Ankit and his family tried to spoil her image has disturbed her and she has decided to take the matter to the high court. She said, “I will file a re-petition before the High Court in a week to reopen the case. I have enough proof to establish my case. When Ankit was nothing I supported him. I was at that time VP of one international company and earned like anything. He begged me and for his career I let it go. However now all the limits are crossed and I will take the case forward.”

Wonder what does Ankit and his family have to say to this now?