Salman Khan’s protégé Daisy Shah rescues a puppy in distress – watch video

Image Source - Instagram

Salman Khan‘s protégé Daisy Shah recently performed a great act of kindness. The actress was in Chandigarh shooting for her upcoming movie ‘See You In Court’ when she came across a puppy in distress. Daisy is an animal lover and has 2 pets, Blessy & Lizzie, a dog, and a cat, and could not stand seeing the puppy in pain.

Daisy came across a tiny, injured puppy on the sets of her movie and immediately decided she needed to take action. Without wasting time, Daisy picked up the puppy and took it to the nearest vet. The puppy was injured and scared but Daisy took care of her, fed her and was there with her at the vet. Check out the video right here:

Daisy wanted to take the puppy with her to her hotel to care for her personally, however, unfortunately in India, hotels don’t allow animals. Therefore, she did the next best thing and found an animal welfare NGO. She believes in charity and giving back, and looked around for the best NGO she could find.

Here’s our recent interview with Daisy Shah

Daisy worked with the Waheguru Animal Welfare & Group of Environmentalists. Daisy is an animal lover and decided to dedicate her time and services and donating for food and medications. She spent a lot of time at the NGO, meeting their animals and overseeing the recovery of the puppy she’d found. The NGO works with injured and abandoned animals and cares for them and their medical issues. With the help of the NGO’s care, the limping puppy was restored to health and walking again.

The puppy recovered in no time, and Daisy personally returned the puppy she’d nursed back to health, to her mother. Animals have no voice and cannot ask for help, So Daisy urges everyone else to keep an eye out for animals and do whatever they can to help them.

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