Salman Khan unplugged on Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif

The first episode of Koffee With Karan went on air last night with Salman Khan and father Salim Khan being the invitees. The usual Slaman Khan who would get annoyed at questions in connection with his exes, his marriage and his fight with Shahrukh Khan was all calm and answered all of it in a composed manner. When Karan asked him why he never agreed to appear on the show, Salman said, “The kind of questions you ask are too personal. I feel shy and very uncomfortable.”

Karan questioned him who did he find the most stunning among Katrina, Aishwarya and Kareena. Without any hesitation Sallu replied, “Aishwarya definitely is the most stunning.” When Karan asked him to pick among the rest two choices – Katrina and Kareena. Salman picked Katrina over Kareena.

Karan shooted Salman with a series of wacky questions. “How does it work while handling ex-flames?”, “If you were forced to have a gay encounter at gunpoint, who would you want to be with?” and “What would you do if you got up one fine morning and realised that you were Katrina Kaif?” Salman sheepishly replies, “Kuch bhi bolta hai yaar yeh admi.”

Talking about marriage, Salman Khan told the filmmaker Karan Johar that he was saving himself up for his future bride. When a surprised Karan asked if this meant he was still a virgin, Salman looked at him straight in the face and said yes, nodding. So you did not have sex with all the women you have been with, Karan said, jokingly. Salman said ya.. they were just friends.

Karan pushed more and asked Salman whom he would like to marry, naming three actresses. He said he would like to marry Preity Zinta.