Say what! Shah Rukh Khan wants to learn cooking and open a restaurant

Okay, Shah Rukh Khan has the most interesting retirement plan! 25 years in the industry as an actor, and yet you see the same passion in his eyes, when it comes to acting. But once over with his career as an actor, SRK simply wants to open a restaurant wherein he would cook in an apron and serve yummy food to people!

The actor was recently in a conversation with HT. He revealed how he might end up setting up a restaurant somewhere around Juhu.

“Not many know about this, but I want to open a restaurant. I want to cook Italian food. I’m like (boxer) Jake LaMotta. When he became fat, he started a restaurant where he used to cook Italian food and serve people. I want to be like that. When I become fat, I want to open a restaurant near Juhu or somewhere, and serve people,” he said. (Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan took their first selfie ever. We’re having a thousand emotions!)

Well, SRK cooking in a white apron? The very thought of it sounds sexy, and he knows that too!

“I really love cooking. I’ve never had the time to do it. My father and mother used to cook. I’ve started learning how to cook Italian food. I think I’ll look very sexy in just an apron. Of course, most of the guests will run away if I’m only wearing an apron, but I want to serve people,” he laughs.

Phew… how we want this to happen soon!