Shonali Bose opens up on her bisexuality; says, “I am genuinely at ease with both men and women”

The Sky Is Pink director Shonali Bose has opened up on her bisexuality in a recent interview. In the interview, Shonali revealed that it was during an education programme she discovered her bisexuality when she met a girl, Sheral. Shonali also said that in her film Margarita With A Straw, she had put her own youth into the character.

She told Pinkvilla, “I was putting my own youth into the character. I was in Miranda House College and we didn’t have gay education, no one was taught about this. We thought, we are all heterosexual and didn’t think if there was even an option to not be a heterosexual.”

Opening about how she discovered her bisexuality, Shonali said that after six months of being with Sheral, they realized being in love. She continued, “And it was different from being best friend as if our bodies touched, there was an electricity that went through the body.” She also said that they recognized and acknowledged it, but were scared to tell about it even to their woman friends. She hopes that the youth today don’t have that shame and have more courage to come out.


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Shonali said that she feels natural with both men and women. “I know I am bisexual because before, I had a boyfriend and it felt very natural to me, then a girlfriend too before I finally got married to a man. After my marriage ended, I was again with a girl followed by a man. So, I do know that there is a thing like bisexuality and I am genuinely at ease with both men and women,” she said.

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