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Sona Mohapatra upset with Taapsee Pannu, Bhumi Pednekar, Jacqueline Fernandez for not lip-syncing to her songs properly

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Singer Sona Mohapatra has lent her voice for many female actors in Bollywood movies. Lip-sync is an art and very few actors can master this. Well, in an interview with Bollywood Life, Sona expressed her unhappiness with the lip-syncing skills of female actors.

Sona sang the song ‘Gold Baby‘ for Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar in ‘Saand Ki Aankh’. She is not at all impressed the way they lip-synced the song. “They are supposedly, you know, more serious actresses in it, and yet, I would like to ask Bhumi and Taapsee, did you not hear the song once before you did a lip-sync because there is no effort to even lip-sync the song in a way ki woh lage ki woh gaana bhi gaa rahe hai (it’d look like they were singing). Kyunki set pe aagaye or aise thoda muh hila diya aur cut away hogaye (they just arrived on set and moved their lips a bit) and actually the audience get it. They are like ki lag nahi raha hai ki gaana ga rahi hai (it doesn’t look like they are singing) and you know people don’t know why it’s the case,” said Sona.

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Sunday thoughts…. No one cares for the musicians (at least in the developing world) : Music has been virtually free for a while now. It’s one the few industries in the world that has seen a paradigm shift in the business model where the main revenue stream is live music. That’s pretty much shut down for this year, so there’s no real income stream for most musicians, singers, sound & light engineers, management agencies & technical crew for a while now. We’re trying to do the Webinar Live thing but it’s highly technical & requires a unique skill set & mostly its unpaid entertainment for free everyone seeks & everyone has gotten used to. We haven’t really seen anyone from the state or central government address the issue. Yet, musicians are invited on channels everyday to lift the spirit of the nation, be stress busters, which I’m sure we’re more than happy to do, but I think it’s time we did some fund-raisers for the musicians community, especially the folk musicians, because it’s the artists of the nation that carry it’s cultural heritage & Indian music, more than any other art form. The poor have always had it hard : The heartbreaking stories of the migrant labour walking back home in torturous conditions has really caught the imagination of the social media world . While we obviously need to be empathetic & treat their woes as the MOST serious issue we face in crisis management, the politicisation of this issue shows just horribly polarised we’ve become as a people. I’m taken aback by how often people refuse to have a conversation on issues because they ‘know the truth’. The truth ought to be examined & I’m keen on siding with the facts, but find the facts takes effort nowadays, so the poor are also now a pawn.. The poor have always had it the hardest. The pictures of despair remain even in good times. Let’s be empathetic at all times & not just now. Anyone reading this on #instagram has something to spare for the lesser fortunate. Let’s all do our bit. I am. Everyday. I promise you. Actions not just words. Actions matter the most. #sonamohapatra #sunday #lockdown #India

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She also called out Jacqueline Fernandez. She said, “I sang some qawwali or something for Jacqueline Fernandez (pauses)… I think Jacqueline Fernandez. Woh Saiyaan bolte waqt mooh khola hi nahi usne, Saiyaan karke muh band rakha hai (she didn’t open her mouth while lip-syncing, immediately after the word Saiyaan, she kept her mouth shut).”

Well, Sona is not wrong. We have seen many actors of this generation not doing lip-sync properly except a few.

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