Sonu Nigam – Perception of transgenders changing in India

Singer Sonu nigam, who has collaborated with the transgender band named 6 Pack Band for a song, says that perception of Indian society towards the community is changing.

“People are appreciating the song and this indicates that even society is ready. Right from our first press conference, none of them frowned about what we were doing. Everybody wants them to be treated in a good manner,” Nigam said in an interview.

“Things are changing now. And instead of preaching or moving around with a flag, it’s about working with them. We have worked with them and made them business partners, that’s how they can progress,” he added.

When the 6 Pack Band announced their first song, “Hum Hain Happy”, Nigam had supported the band at the event. Now he features in the song, “Sab Rab De Bande” which is a more serious song and talks about the discrimination against the community.

The band is the brainchild of Y- Films’ Ashish Patil and music composer Shameer Tandon, who succeeded in getting six transgender singers after a long hunt.

Nigam feels that everybody in the band has “vibrant energies.”

“They have such vibrant energy and purity in their nature All are intelligent and have common sense and manners,” he said.

Inputs by IANS