Sunny Leone has a befitting reply for trolls saying “family business” is the last thing she would suggest her kids

Image Source - Instagram

Sunny Leone left behind her past as an adult film star and has established herself as an actress in Bollywood. However, some people never cease to keep referring to her past. Sunny recently appeared on Arbaaz khan‘s chat show ‘Pinch’ where she commented on a troll who raised questions about her children’s career options.

The troll had commented – “Family business probably is the last thing Sunny Leone will ever suggest her children as a career option.”

Replying to the insensitive comment, Sunny said, “Yeah, probably. Why would I do that? But if they want to join the Indian film industry, I think that would be a great thing. Or if my daughter wanted to continue and run a cosmetic line that I just launched, I think that’s a great family business. Or the perfume line that I launched in the last two years. That would be a great family business that she would want to take over.” 

She went on to add that all she wants is her kids to grow up and become generous and kind people. “Regardless of whether they (her kids) work in Entertainment. I doubt they would work in adult. Whether they want to be a janitor, lawyer, doctor, astronaut, President of the United States or they feel like working in the arts, it’s their choice.” 

Well, Sunny’s befitting reply will surely shut the trolls from asking such stupid questions. Sunny doesn’t regret her past and is gung ho about shaping her future the way she wants it to be.

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