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Supriya Pathak is an exceptionally gifted and multifaceted actress in Bollywood. She consistently captivated the audience with her remarkable acting skills. During a recent interview done by Twinkle Khanna, Supriya Pathak and her sister Ratna Pathak Shah openly discussed Supriya’s marriage to Pankaj Kapur. She shared her experience of building a bond with her stepson, Shahid Kapoor.

Supriya Pathak spills the beans on her marriage with Pankaj Kapur

Delving into the interview, Twinkle Khanna inquired about any wedding advice Ratna had given to Supriya when she made the decision to marry Pankaj Kapur. Supriya playfully responded, “Who was going to take that advice? By then, I had come to the point where I had decided that I didn’t want to take any advice. I had made up my mind.” 

Supriya candidly disclosed that her mother wasn’t particularly supportive of her decision to marry Pankaj Kapur, even until the final years of her life. She said, “My mother, till the last few years of her life, still tried changing my mind even after two children. She kept saying ‘he will leave you!”. It has been there so many years, she kept telling me ‘he will leave you, you have made a mistake.’ I used to tell her I would manage.”

Supriya also expressed gratitude for the support she received from Ratna, affirming, “She (their mother) was not very much of a support. Ratna didi supported.”

Supriya Pathak is married to actor Pankaj Kapur. The two tied the knot in 1988 and have two kids, a son Ruhaan Kapoor and a daughter Sanah Kapur. Earlier, Pankaj was married to Neliima Azeem and they had Shahid Kapoor. 

Supriya Pathak talks about her bond with step son Shahid Kapoor

The actor married Pankaj Kapur when Shahid Kapoor was only 6 years old. Reflecting on her long-standing bond with Shahid Kapoor, she said, “I met Shahid when he was six years old. For me, he was the cutest baby I have seen. He was very warm and did not have any defined reactions towards me, nor did I have. So when we met, we instantly liked each other as people.”

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