Video of Taimur celebrating Janmashtami with Inaaya Kemmu is the cutest thing you will see today

Image Source - Instagram

Yesterday, the entire nation celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna as Janmashtami. B-town’s cutest kid Taimur Ali Khan along with his adorable cousin Inaaya Kemmu also celebrated the festival in his school. Pictures and videos of Taimur’s Janmashtami celebrations are all over the internet now.

Accompanied by their nannies and security guards, both Taimur and Inaaya looked more than excited to participate in the festivities. In a viral video, sitting on a man’s shoulder, Baby Taimur is seen reaching out for the ‘handi’, however, he is content just by bursting one of the balloons attached to the ‘handi’.

Here’s the video where Taimur is trying to break the ‘Dahi handi’

While is happy sitting in her nanny’s lap and cheering for cousin Taimur. You can check out the super adorable pics of these cute lil siblings below:

These two kids are so endearing that we simply can’t get enough of them. Ever since his birth, Taimur has kept the paparazzi on their toes. He is hands down the most popular star kids in B-town today.

It was only recently when Taimur returned to Mumbai with his parents from their London vacation. Sitting on his father’s shoulder, the toddler was seen waving to the shutterbugs. He has become so used to cameras now that he instantly waves to them whenever he spots one.

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