Trishala was questioned about not living with her father Sanjay Dutt; this is what she said…

As we all know, Instagrammers are going berserk with the new Instagram feature –  ‘ask me any question’. With this feature, one can ask any random question to anyone on Instagram and, not only the common man but even our celebs can’t stop going all out while using this feature.

After the celebs, it’s Sanjay Dutt‘s daughter Trishala Dutt, who recently used this feature to answer the questions of her fans on Instagram. A fan asked her how it “feels to be Sanjay Dutt’s daughter,” to which Trishala replied, “Honestly, it feels normal. He’s like any other father. When I’m with him, it feels like I’m with my dad. It doesn’t feel any different than wht you probably feel when you are with your father.”

A fan asked her if she is baba’s Baby or Sanju sir baby, to which she replied, baba’s baby.

One of her fans also asked what’s the best thing you learned from your dad, she said, how to tell guys who waste my time and treat me like shit to F**K OFF.

A fan also asked Trishala how it feels living without her parents, to which she said, “It’s fine, I guess. I never lived with them to begin with (I did but I was so young I don’t remember much) so I can’t really answer how it feels living without them.”

Another fan asked her if she’s more like her mother or father, Trishala said, “My attitude and temper is like my dad. My kindness, gentleness and loving side is from my mom. My giving side and style is from both my parents.” She also added that in “certain aspects” she’s “badass like her dad.”

Talking about Sanjay Dutt’s biopic ‘Sanju’. If reports are to be believed than Trishala is not happy about not being acknowledged in the movie along with her late mother. They both played very crucial roles in Sanjay’s life.

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