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Why were these 10 phases from Sanjay Dutt’s life missing in ‘Sanju’?

Right from the time, Rajkumar Hirani released the first official teaser of ‘Sanju‘, we knew that this movie is going to create history. And it definitely did not disappoint us, but despite Rajkumar Hirani claiming that ‘Sanju’ is made with all honesty, we do know, that this is his and Sanjay Dutt‘s attempt at whitewashing his tampered image in the eyes of the world.

And Hirani has very smartly chosen very selective (Good) parts of his life. Portraying Sanjay Dutt as either the ‘Hero’ or a ‘Victim’. So, here we bring you these 10 important events from Sanjay Dutt’s life, that Rajkumar Hirani decided to turn a blind eye on.

Sanjay Dutt’s failed marriages:

Richa Sharma

We all know that before Maanayata Dutt, the ‘Kaante’ actor has been married twice, which Hirani readily skipped in ‘Sanju’. The movie also shows Sanjay as the perfect family man, which wasn’t the case always.


Sanjay married Richa Sharma back in 1987, with whom he has a daughter Trishala. The ‘Vaastav’ actor cheated on his cancer-stricken wife with actress Madhuri Dixit. In fact, he was so much in love with the ‘Dhak-Dhak’ girl, that he even abandoned his wife, and soon filed for divorce.


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Rhea Pillai

After 2 years of Richa’s death, Sanjay married Rhea Pillai. But the duo separated as well after Sanjay was rumoured to be dating a Pakistani dancer Nadia Durrani.

  • Sanjay Dutt’s Affairs

  • Madhuri Dixit

    1993 will always be remembered for Sanjay & Madhuri’s affair. The two were rumoured to be head over heels in love with each other, while his then-wife Richa was being treated for cancer in New York. But some things are never meant to happen, and after Sanju was arrested under TADA, Madhuri decided to end things with him and went on to marry Dr Nene.




    Tina Munim

    While he was filming for ‘Rocky’ Sanjay was rumoured to be dating his then co-star Tina Munim. Some say, that it was his extra possessive behaviour towards Tina, that caused their end.



    Salman Khan

    It’s no secret that Sanjay Dutt shares a very special bond with Salman Khan. These two superstars have always been like Brothers to each other. But, unfortunately, they now have a cold war and are hardly on talking terms. Their friendship was also missing from the movie


    Kumar Gaurav

    It’s unfortunate that Sanjay Dutt’s friendship with Kumar Gaurav could not make it to the movie. But Gaurav and Dutt have been buddies for a long time, in fact, Kumar who is also his brother-in-law has been with Sanjay through thick and thin.


    Sanjay Gupta

    Before Rajkumar Hirani came, it was Sanjay Gupta. This actor-director duo was once extremely close, in fact, Sanjay has given a lot of his career hits, courtesy Gupta. But neither did he, nor did any of his movies got mentioned in ‘Sanju’.


    Sanjay Dutt’s Connections

    Underworld Connection

    Though the movie shows ‘Sanju’ buying weapons from gangsters, the makers have very smartly shown Sanjay as the victim here. But let’s not forget his conversation with the underworld Don Chota Shakeel, that turned everything upside down.



    Political Connection

    Back in 1993, when everybody else had turned their back on Sanjay, Shiv Sena head Bal Thackeray stepped in, after Sunil Dutt made a plea to free his son. Reportedly Thackeray obliged and Sanjay was released in 1995.


    Trishala Dutt

    Everything kept aside, we were highly disappointed when his 1st born Trishala was not even mentioned in the entire movie. Irrespective of whatever went down between Dutt and Richa, Trishala has always been supportive of her father. The girl did deserve a place in the movie.

    We wonder how Trishala must have felt after watching ‘Sanju’.