Twinkle Khanna’s treasure box is full of her childhood dreams

Actress-entrepreneur-columnist-producer Twinkle Khanna has shared a picture replete with some of her childhood belongings. Her mother Dimple Kapadia dug out some of her childhood essentials and it contained a school certificate, a forgotten picture and a floppy disc. Sharing the picture, Twinkle wrote, “Mother excavates some treasures: A school certificate, a forgotten picture and a floppy disc neatly labelled by her that says ‘Tina book’ from what I assume would be the early 90’s when I first began writing! #nostalgia”

If you closely notice the certificate it shows her academic progress as “very good” so it means that the actress was a very obedient and a good student. Then, we see a floppy disc that has ‘Tina Book’ written on it. It seems to be from the time when  Twinkle took to the pen and curated her thoughts in words. And finally a picture with her sister Rinke Khanna. Too cute for words!

Meanwhile, on the work front, the actress has ventured into production with ‘Padman’ which stars her actor-husband Akshay Kumar in the lead role along with actresses Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte. The movie which deals with the relevant topic of sanitary hygiene has launched its second poster this morning. The actress recently even raised her concern over the same where she spoke about tax being levied on sanitary pads.

While speaking to BBC, the actress said, “Menstruation, there are multiple ramifications to this problem in India especially. One is, just 23% of women in India use sanitary pads and tampons. This leads to diseases, so you have fungal infection, reproductive infection, you have links to cervical cancer, infertility. The other thing is we talk about women empowerment but the problem is that research is showing us that 20% of school girls drop out when they start menstruating because they can’t afford sanitary pads.” (Also Read: Padmavati: Twinkle Khanna’s sassy reply to protesters bowled us over)

She further said, “For a while I thought that this was just a problem in my country. I recently discovered that it’s a problem even in England. Their survey in Leeds found that girls from low income households were dropping out of schools because they could not buy sanitary pads. Then the other thing is the tax. For some strange reason, India has 12% GST tax on sanitary pads which is shocking. Apparently, there are no taxes on brooms so I think they feel that women should keep their houses clean. But, it’s not as important to keep themselves clean. I can’t understand. America in many states has taxes on sanitary pads, doesn’t have it on Viagra. Again, I don’t understand that.”