When Mira Rajput embarrassed Shahid Kapoor by spilling out bedroom secrets

Image Source - Instagram

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput make one of the most adorable couples of Bollywood. Though Mira is not from the industry, she has coped with Shahid and his family very well. Today, she is the best wife, mom and a daughter-in-law. Mira got married to Shahid when she was just 21 years old and initially, it was not easy for her to balance everything. She had challenges in her married life as everything was new around her. But eventually, she managed and today she is happy with Shahid and their two kids-Misha and Zain.

Shahid and Mira are an example of a power couple and together they give couple goals. They appeared on ‘BFF’s with Vogue’ with Neha Dhupia and they had to face an awkward question. They were asked to reveal their favourite position in bed. Shahid was a bit uncomfortable with the question, but Mira was quick to answer. She said, “I think he is a control freak. He is always telling me what to do.” Shahid was surprised and he was blushing hearing Mira’s answer.

Earlier, the couple also appeared on ‘Koffee With Karan’ where Shahid said, “I’m constantly petrified of my wife. If I take a piss and forget to put the seat up and then back down, she’ll come and lecture me, and says, ‘what kind of a man are you? Haven’t people taught you any manners’.”

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